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***NEW CLIENT INQUIRIES: I am accepting new clients for Manual Lymph Drainage and Oncology massage only at this time. Established clients are welcome to schedule any massage service as usual. If you have previously been given a Gift Certificate to my practice, I am, of course, delighted to work with you as a therapeutic massage client!***

Tessera Logo Icon OnlyA tessera (pronounced tes-er-uh) is a small tile used to create a mosaic. It can be made of bone, glass, wood, or stone. While each tessera can seem small and unimportant on its own, they combine to create a beautiful, complex picture. Each tiny piece is integral to the function of the mosaic as a whole.

The human body is much like a mosaic: composed of a myriad of intricate structures, many too tiny to view with the naked eye. Yet let one of those cease to work properly, and the whole person suffers.

At Tessera Therapeutic Massage, I offer a variety of massage techniques designed to soothe and support you. That will look different for each person. My clients range from those in need of extremely gentle, supportive touch to those seeking deeper focused work for chronic pain or injury management. *Please note: I do not believe that deep massage should ever be painful to be effective.* Each massage session begins with a discussion of your goals, health history, and areas of concern. I work mindfully and with a focus on constant client comfort throughout the session. I always allow extra time after your session to discuss any findings, answer any questions you might have, and extend self-care suggestions within my scope of practice.