Price List

There is a delicate balance between keeping my massage fees affordable while also honoring the commitments I make to my life calling and business. If my fees are outside of your financial means, please contact me to discuss what you can reasonably afford. 

Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder/Chikly)*

30 Minute MLD “Add-on” (Can be added to any regularly scheduled massage session)….. $30

30 Minute MLD….. $50

60 Minute MLD…..$80

*Please note – some medical conditions may contraindicate manual lymph drainage. In addition, MLD to treat secondary lymphedema will generally be booked as a 45 or 60 minute treatment. MLD for more general concerns can often be booked as a 30 minute treatment or added onto a massage session. If you have any questions, please email me at

Therapeutic and Oncology Massage*

30 Minute Massage…..$45

60 Minute Massage….. $75

90 Minute Massage….. $105

*Please note – while oncology massage can be extremely helpful and supportive before, during, and after treatment, I will work with each client  to determine the appropriate style and length of massage. It may be necessary to obtain approval from your doctor prior to your massage session.

Massage Packages

Five 30 Minute Massages…..$175

Five 60 Minute Massages…..$325

Five 90 Minute Massages…..$475

Want to purchase a smaller package? Email me to discuss pricing and options.

What about Tips?

I do not expect to receive tips on top of my massage fees. If you do decide to tip, the amount will be used to cover massage for those unable to pay full price.

What if I have to Cancel my Appointment?

Life complications, illness, and unexpected emergencies come up. I understand this. Whenever possible, please allow 24 hours notice for all cancellations. For non-emergency cancellations with less than 12 hours notice, I reserve the right to charge your full session fee if unable to fill the appointment slot.

Can you Bill my Insurance?

In general, Vermont insurance companies will not cover massage, MLD, or CDT when performed by a massage therapist. It never hurts to check your coverage just in case – some companies will allow you to use your FSA or HSA towards these services as well. Please contact me prior to scheduling if you have any questions around this.